bioshock infinite update won't

5y, i think they made a good call on this one.
The game finally fires up, movies play (the 2K and Irrational movies stutter a lot, I think that might be a source of the init problem in full screen for some people and everything's fine.All DLC purchased and installed.Plus, perhaps, thanks to this announce, more time will be spend on the whole game.It was crummy and slow and not that action-paced to suit my taste.The single-player is what makes up for it, but the multiplayer is a crumble.Feel free to PM if you have any questions or need further assistance with the BaseEngine modding.Once the game's running, I can switch to full screen no probs and everything runs fairly smoothly considering my rig (details below just don't forget to switch back to windowed before exiting or you'll have to go through the i again.Also, it will improve the single player plants vs zombies cheat engine 5.5 experience players will get.Hope this helps somebody out there.Steam set to automatic updates for games.I've noticed a few others have been searching for this, and wondering if anyone has any advice?
My specs are: Sony Vaio VGN-AR520E, Core 2 Duo T7100.8ghz Dual Core (2MB L2/800mhz FSB 4GB 667mhz DDR2 RAM, nvidia GeForce 8400M GT w/ DX10/Shader.0 128MB dedicated/1390MB total available vram (running on original OEM driver v60 as every other nvidia update crashes the.5y, myself, arcsoft totalmedia player 5 I like one-sided games: only multiplayer games like CS and only solo games like.BS2's multiplayer was god-awful.That's a positive information for.Can't find a damn manual patch.